Do You Rent Your Place? Take These Steps to Protect Your Belongings


Not many people know about renter’s insurance and the importance of acquiring it. I hard to learn about it due to an unlucky turn of events. A common misconception is thinking that your landlord is liable for any damage or loss to your property while inhabiting their building. In fact, landlords are only responsible for the insurance necessary to protect the structure itself from damage. As a tenant, it is up to you to protect yourself and your belongings by taking the right insurance cover. What Is Renter’s Insurance? Renter’s Insurance is a liability cover taken against loss, theft, vandalism, [...]

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What Are the Differences Between Auto Liability Insurance and Full-Coverage Insurance?


Aside from the legal requirements in most jurisdictions, having motor vehicle insurance for your car usually goes a long way in ensuring that you enjoy your ride. With so many options of vehicle coverage and a rarely ending number of insurance vendors all over the place, you can easily get confused or even frustrated when it comes to finding just what will work for you. Liability and full-coverage are some of the most common motor vehicle insurance packages. With the two packages, there’s still a likelihood that you may get lost in all insurance jargon and end up paying for [...]

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How Does Renters Insurance Work?


Much like car and health insurance, renters' insurance is a key component of general financial protection against the uncertainties and harms that can befall anyone. The details of renter's coverage are covered here, with a quick overview of benefits, costs, limits, and key steps a policyholder should take to verify that they get the right coverage for their living and financial situation. Benefits The benefits of renter’s insurance are substantial. First, the policy buyer gets protection from liability for personal damage or injury to others that happens on your property. Accidents happen and even the best of intentions can result [...]

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Top Reasons Why You Need Renters Insurance


Renters insurance is also known as tenants insurance. It is property insurance available to people subletting or renting an apartment, single-family home, townhouse, loft, studio, condo, or duplex. It provides a cover for the policy owner's liabilities, living expenses, and belongings in case of any loss. It only protects property that may be lost within the property rented. If you do not have renters insurance and a fire outbreak destroys the rented space, you would have to cover the loss of personal property. The landlord's policy will only cover the structure. If you live around Arlington, you can contact GEC [...]

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