How to Check if Your Homeowner Insurance Covers Flood Insurance


If you live in a flood-prone area, you may wonder what your homeowner's insurance policy covers. After all, flooding can cause significant damage to your home and property. If you are not sure whether your current policy will help pay for repairs in the event of a flood, here are some steps that can help: Contact Your Insurance Company You will want to contact your insurance company to ask if they cover flood damage. If they do not, you may have to buy additional coverage. You can also check the National Flood Insurance Program website to see if they offer [...]

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5 Things to Ask When Buying Homeowners Insurance


I am like most people when they buy their house. Owning a home forced me to think about homeowners’ insurance. I had plenty of questions about this insurance coverage. Getting satisfactory answers was important to me. I may have even more questions when I renew an existing homeowner’s insurance policy. An experienced agent has always been able to handle my questions. I've determined there are at least five questions you need to ask before purchasing a homeowners insurance policy. 1. What Is Liability Protection? I've learned that to have the correct amount of liability protection for your home, you will [...]

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The Importance of Having a Homeowner Policy


As a homeowner, you have many important responsibilities to take care of surrounding the maintenance of your home. It is always wise to acknowledge these responsibilities and take care of them, although they can easily be overlooked. Unfortunately, failing to invest in your home by purchasing a homeowner insurance policy can harm you financially in the future and leave you with more issues than just a slight bump in the road. Homeowners Insurance May be Required In many instances, you will find that homeowners insurance is actually required before you are even able to purchase a home. This action is [...]

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