Motorcycle Insurance

Motorcycle Insurance

Motorcycle insurance is a type of policy that offers financial protection to motorcyclists against motorcycle loss, accident damage or theft. It is as crucial to your protection as the safety gear you wear while on the road.

Motorcycle insurance covers replacement costs, repairs, medical bills for other people injured in the accident, and even the cost of fixing property damaged during the accident. Our policies provide coverage for regular motorcycles, mopeds, fast street bikes (crotch rockets) and even choppers. If you depend on your motorcycle for day-to-day transportation, or your motorcycle’s worth exceeds $5000, carrying our strong insurance policy will be a smart investment.

The Benefits and Coverages of Motorcycle Insurance
Besides Florida, most states require motorcycle owners to carry insurance. Riding without motorcycle insurance could result in hefty fines or even get your license revoked if you are pulled over for whatever reason.

Other than meeting this legal requirement, motorcycle insurance will be your first line of defense against financial liability if you are ever involved in an accident. Here are some of the advantages you will enjoy by carrying our robust motorcycle insurance.

Liability Coverage
Suppose you are unfortunately involved in a motorcycle accident, and you cause damage to other people or their property. In that case, our liability coverage will help you pay for the necessary bills and repairs.

We have flexible liability coverages suitable for different levels of riders. Although higher limits are progressively more expensive, they can be invaluable for novice motorcyclists or people who frequent urban areas since they face higher risks of accidents. Nevertheless, we still recommend more experienced riders to carry liability insurance, even if at a lower level of coverage.

Medical Expenses and Personal Injury Protection
Our motorcycle insurance can provide personal injury protection by covering your medical expenses in the event of an accident. Medical insurance coverage will handle your medical costs regardless of who caused the crash, enabling you to stay financially stable. Although optional, personal injury protection can cover your lost wages, childcare and other costs that you incur during your recovery period.

Guest Passenger Coverage
Some of the passengers you carry on your motorcycle may not have the right insurance coverage, putting them at serious risk if they are injured on the road. With our motorcycle insurance, you will never have to worry about your passengers’ injuries. Your insurance policy can take care of their injuries and pay for the accompanying medical bills. If need be, your coverage can also protect them from the financial distress that comes with an accident.

Comprehensive Coverage
While property liability policies pay for the cost of replacing or repairing other people’s property, collision and comprehensive policies cover the cost of damage sustained by your property.

Our collision coverage will cover the cost of repairing, and if necessary, replacing your motorcycle following an accident. On the other hand, the comprehensive coverage provides similar protection if your motorcycle is damaged or lost during a non-collision event, e.g., fire, theft, and storm. Our comprehensive coverage will ensure your motorcycle is safe even when you park it outside of your home.

Mechanical Breakdown Coverage
Also known as motorcycle repair insurance, this optional form of coverage pays for specific motorcycle repairs. Our breakdown coverage essentially acts as an extended warranty that pays for regular maintenance repairs such as engine and transmission repairs.

Roadside and Towing Coverage
There is perhaps nothing more embarrassing than being stranded on the roadside due to a breakdown. Our roadside and towing policy enables you to tow your motorcycle to a nearby repair shop affordably.

Choosing the Right Motorcycle Insurance
At GEC Insurance Services, we have the necessary customization options to help you find a perfect balance between protecting yourself and your motorbike and the extent of your budget’s coverage. Get a quote today or contact our offices to learn more about motorcycle insurance.