Auto Insurance

Auto Insurance

Auto insurance or car insurance is a policy between you and the insurance provider that mitigates your financial losses in the event of theft or a car accident. In exchange for paying a periodic premium, your insurance company agrees to cover your losses as stipulated in your policy.

Auto insurance can provide coverage for:

  • Property
    The most common coverage, in this case, includes theft or damage to your car.
  • Medical
    This includes costs related to treating injuries, rehabilitation, and in some cases, lost income and funeral expenses.
  • Liability
    This entails your legal obligation to other parties for property damage or bodily injury.

Most states require drivers to have some form of basic personal auto insurance; however, laws may vary by state. The extent of auto insurance coverage is priced à la carte (on an individual basis) to let you set the coverage amounts that meet your exact budget and needs.

We typically issue auto insurance policies for one-year or six-month time frames, with the option to renew. You will always receive a notice when it is time to pay your premium or renew your policy.

Why You Need Auto Insurance

Financial Protection
Auto insurance can be the difference between you and your family incurring huge expenses or not coughing up any money following an accident. Car insurance perfectly encapsulates the concept of “pay now, serve later.”

By investing relatively small amounts in premiums, you can significantly reduce or avoid burdensome expenses in the future. Coverages like bodily injury liability, comprehensive, collision and property liability can help you cover the costs of many expensive claims should an accident ever occur.

Protection from Total Loss
Auto insurance is a great way to protect you from the total loss of your vehicle, which often happens in three ways:

  • Theft
    Sometimes vehicles get stolen and cannibalized for parts or driven to other countries, making it nearly impossible to recover them.
  • Fire
    When a fire completely burns a vehicle, the vehicle is considered a total loss.
  • Write-Off
    If the total cost of repairing your vehicle exceeds at least 50% of the total sum assured, we may write it off as a total loss.

Regardless of how you lose your vehicle, our auto insurance can always get you back on the road, even if it means getting you a new car.

Protect Yourself and Other People
The right auto insurance will not only protect you but also protect your passengers, family members and other road users. If you ever get involved in an accident, it is crucial to know that you have the necessary coverage to handle any bodily injury or property costs claimed against you. Get an auto insurance quote today or contact one of our agents to learn more about how you can protect yourself and your loved ones.

Save Time
The days following a car accident can be very tedious and time-consuming. Auto insurance is not just a great way of covering the costs of repairing your vehicle or replacing it entirely. With our coverage, you can avoid other headaches, such as lengthy negotiations with the property owners and drivers involved in the accident.

The right auto insurance policy will also assist you with vehicle towing, necessary repairs and replacements, and paying for the cost of damages incurred by other drivers involved in the accident. Once you file your car insurance claim, we can handle the rest of the process and offer you support through each step.

Peace of Mind
Although everyone makes mistakes, another driver’s mistakes can sometimes become your burden to bear. With our auto insurance, you can remain confident that your finances, vehicle, and well-being are in safe hands. You will stay covered at all times, whether an underinsured or uninsured driver hits your vehicle.

Boost Your Health Insurance
Auto insurance can supplement your health cover by paying for medical costs that health insurance typically does not cover. With the right amount of coverage, you will remain protected against expenses like dental work and other necessary medical treatments occasioned by the accident.

Choosing My Auto Insurance
At GEC Insurance Services, we take pride in protecting drivers’ well-being, vehicles and financial status. To learn more about how we can protect you on the road, get a quote today or contact our offices.