Vehicle Insurance

Vehicle insurance especially auto, motorcycle and RV insurance are mandatory in every state in the United States except Virginia and New Hampshire. Therefore, most vehicle owners, especially car owners, obtain a vehicle insurance cover to comply with the law. You will realize along the way as a vehicle insurance holder that the purpose of the insurance cover is for your benefit and that of others. While you can purchase the minimum vehicle insurance coverage, it is advisable to look at other options that the insurance company has, which might be valuable to you.

Reasons for purchasing vehicle insurance

Pays for damages arising from an accident
Accidents are some of the most unpredictable occurrences. Once you get into your vehicle and drive off, what lies ahead is unknown. In case of an accident, a court of law can hold you liable for the accident, dependent on the laws applicable in your state. Subsequently, you will have to pay for the damages of all the parties involved in the accident. If the damages are extensive, the amount of money you will be required to pay as compensation can easily render you bankrupt. With comprehensive vehicle insurance coverage in place, your insurer will pay for the damages.

Gives you peace of mind
Out of goodwill, once in a while, you might let someone else drive your vehicle; it could be a family member, friend, colleague etc.. In some instances, you might even employ a driver to drive your vehicle. When someone else is in control of your car, you will be unable to direct how they drive. All you do is hope that they will not cause accidents that can lead to negligence suits. Also, in a situation where an underinsured or uninsured driver hits your vehicle, pursuing compensation from such a driver can be challenging. If you have a comprehensive vehicle insurance cover, you have an assurance of protection against negligence suits and underinsured drivers.

Pays for medical expenses arising from an accident
An auto accident might lead to serious bodily injuries, e.g. dental injuries, usually not covered under a health insurance policy. Good vehicle insurance can supplement your health insurance and pay for the medical expenses arising from such injuries.

Covers future negligence claims
Just because you haven’t been involved in an accident doesn’t mean you don’t need vehicle insurance. Your vehicle insurance coverage can be responsible for covering future damages caused by your vehicle.

Now that you are aware of the role that vehicle insurance plays. GEC Insurance Services can help you acquire the following vehicle insurance types from some of the best insurance companies.

Auto insurance
Auto insurance is among the renowned types of insurance. Being on the road every day with your car puts you at risk of being involved in an accident. GEC Insurance Services do not link you up with any insurance cover. Our team will connect you to an insurance company, a remarkable insurer that will give you comprehensive auto insurance coverage to cover against; property damage, collisions, physical injuries etc.

Motorcycle insurance
Motorcycle insurance, just like auto insurance, covers against risks that a motorcycle pauses. Collisions and hit and runs are prevalent with motorcycles. It is therefore imperative to ensure you have a comprehensive cover for your motorcycle.

Boat insurance
Any boat owner needs to obtain insurance for their boats. Large boats and jet skis require special insurance coverage to help cover for injuries, property damage etc. Boat insurance coverage can also cover the boat at its cash value so that you can be compensated in case of loss.

RV insurance
Recreational vehicles, whether stationary or operational, deserve to have RV Insurance. Some people choose to use their recreational vehicles as their homes. Therefore, such a vehicle requires special insurance that varies from a typical daily use vehicle, e.g. home insurance. A lot of keenness is necessary when choosing the right insurance company and policy. With GEC Insurance Services help, you have a guarantee to receive assistance in acquiring a policy best suited for your situation.