Homeowner Insurance

Homeowners Insurance

Homeowner insurance is a policy that provides you with monetary protection in case of an eventuality involving your home. The standard insurance policy protects your house and valuables in the event of a disaster or accident such as a fire.

Besides offering financial protection to your belongings, homeowners insurance covers you from any legal liability. For example, if an accident in your property injures your family members or other people, the insurer will assume the legal responsibility.

At GEC insurance services, we offer different homeowner insurance policies at affordable prices. As a homeowner, you should know that a standard homeowner’s insurance doesn’t cover all types of disasters. Some disasters are excluded from the general insurance cover. For example, earthquake and flood insurance are separate policies, which you can seek depending on where you reside.

Additionally, it is essential to know that disasters and accidents that arise due to poor home maintenance are your responsibility. However, some insurance policies can protect you from appliance wear and tear.

Here are the reasons why we recommend homeowner insurance to every property owner.

Compensation from Falling Debris Damage

If a foreign object crushed into your roof for any strange reason and caused significant damage, we will issue a check to compensate for the damage to your house. The debris can also come from a tall building that is under construction. In short, we will pay for all damages to your home caused by falling objects.

Compensation for Fire Accident

Homeowner insurance covers all damages and injuries resulting from a fire outbreak in your home. In most cases, a fire starts in the kitchen and spreads out to other rooms. Your insurance policy will cater for all damages in the entire house arising from the fire.

In some instances where the authority requires you to install water sprinklers to help put out fires, homeowner insurance may cater to the sprinklers’ cost and the damages caused by the fire.

Compensation for Power Outage Damages

Power outages are common in all corners of this nation. Surprisingly, some homeowner insurance policies can cover even the slightest damages, such as the cost to restock your fridge if power outrage caused your food to go bad. In fact, we can reimburse you up to $500 for food that went bad due to a power outage.

Protection from Theft

Coming home from work to find that someone broke into your home and stole your precious valuables can break you down. Fortunately, if you secure a homeowner insurance policy with us, we will help you recover from such unsettling situations. Our policy covers the cost of damages to your home as a result of theft and the cost of stolen possessions as well.

Protection Against Lawsuits

If someone is hurt while on your property, they could decide to sue. The most effective way to prepare for such eventualities is acquiring an insurance cover. In case you are sued for such an incident, we will pay medical bills and attorney fees. This will save you a lot of headaches and money.

Mortgage Requirement

If you are looking to acquire a home through a mortgage plan, your lender will require you to get home insurance in case of a hazard. In a mortgage plan, your property is lenders’ collateral, so they must reduce the risks of losing their investment.

Getting a homeowner insurance cover will replace panic with relief. Despite eliminating all hazards, you can’t be certain that accidents will not happen in your home. So, to save money and a lot of stress, acquire homeowner insurance.