General Liability Insurance

General Liability Insurance

General liability insurance gives you financial protection from claims in the event your business leads to property damage or bodily injury. The insurer assumes responsibility in case you are sued for an injury that happened in your business, damaging a third-party property or causing an advertising injury such as libel, slander or copyright violation.

Your general liability insurance will settle reasonable costs incurred in your defense. This includes attorney, expert witness or court fees. We are here to help you understand the importance of general liability insurance.

General insurance covers plaintiffs’ medical expenses and other expenses related to your case. At GEC insurance services, we provide general liability insurance at affordable costs. General liability insurance will help you avoid stress and headaches in case an accident happens on your business premises.

Here are the reasons why we recommend general liability insurance to every business owner.

Protection Against the Unknown

The primary benefit of this policy is liability coverage. When you acquire one, you will be protected from the unexpected. You might feel as if you have eliminated all hazards in your business, but accidents happen when least expected. By acquiring general liability insurance with us, you will have peace of mind knowing you have protection in the event of an unfortunate incident.

Third-Party Bodily Injury Protection

When a guest slips off and breaks their leg in your business, they could potentially sue. Such lawsuits can strangle your business finances and, in some instances, can lead to business closure. Our General liability insurance covers the cost for bodily injuries suffered by a third party as a result of your business operations or on your business premises.

Third-Party Property Damage

Our commercial general liability policy will protect your business if you are found to be responsible for damage to third parties’ property. The policy covers loss or damage of others property.

Protection Against Data Breach

A data breach can land your business into a lot of trouble. If your business stores customer’s information such as names, social security data and addresses, it is imperative to have general liability insurance. Fortunately, a significant number of policies include a provision for electronic data liability, meaning that your insurer will assume responsibility in the event of a data hack.

However, it is prudent to note that the insurer can only compensate if, the specific event is included in your general liability coverage. If hacking is not included in your liability coverage, we recommend you to acquire cyber liability coverage.

Protection Against Employees’ Actions

No matter how diligent your company is when hiring new staff, it is still daunting to guard against staff actions. General liability insurance covers things as simple as slander or something severe as personal injuries or property damage. However, we recommend business owners to acquire an additional policy known as personal liability insurance.

Protection Against Advertising Injury

All damages are not tangible. If your company infringes copyrights, patents or any other form of intellectual property, the offended party could potentially sue. General liability insurance comes in handy if your employees commit offenses such as a libel, slander or malicious prosecution.

Coverage for Medical Expenses

After acquiring a general liability policy with us, we will cover for medical expenses if a non-employee is injured on your business premises or during your company’s operations. Coverage for medical expenses can be initiated without necessarily taking legal action. We can request for medical claims and settle them quickly without litigation.

There are numerous risks associated with running a business. Therefore, it is prudent to protect your business from responsibility by acquiring the appropriate insurance coverage.