Steps to Follow If Your Home Has Storm Damage


Storms can be unpredictable and often cause severe damage to homes and properties. If your home has been damaged during a storm, it is important to take immediate action to ensure your safety and begin the process of repairing the damage. From assessing the damage and contacting your insurance company to securing your property and keeping track of expenses, there are several steps you can take to minimize the impact of storm damage on your home and your life. In this article, we will outline the key steps you should follow if your home is damaged during a storm, as [...]

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Checklist of Things to Ask Insurance If Home Experienced Frozen Pipe Damage


Frozen pipe damage is a serious issue. It can cause extensive property damage and cost homeowners thousands of dollars in repairs. If a home's pipes have frozen, it is important to assess the damage and determine what insurance covers—knowing what questions to ask the insurance company can help get the coverage needed. When facing frozen pipe damage, one of the first things to do is contact the insurance provider as soon as possible. It's important to document any damage, take photos of the affected area, and keep track of repair costs. It is also important to ask the insurance company [...]

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The Impact Inflation Has on Property Insurance


A major inflation event can lead to an increase in property insurance. We might not notice the changes at first, but a little research will reveal everything. Inflation has been creeping up in the last few years, and with it came increased property insurance rates. We all know that inflation has been a slow and gradual increase in the price of products and services over the past few years. And within the United States, there are three types of inflation: general inflation, which is rising prices across the board; real estate inflation, which is increasing property prices; and monetary inflation, [...]

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How to Check if Your Homeowner Insurance Covers Flood Insurance


If you live in a flood-prone area, you may wonder what your homeowner's insurance policy covers. After all, flooding can cause significant damage to your home and property. If you are not sure whether your current policy will help pay for repairs in the event of a flood, here are some steps that can help: Contact Your Insurance Company You will want to contact your insurance company to ask if they cover flood damage. If they do not, you may have to buy additional coverage. You can also check the National Flood Insurance Program website to see if they offer [...]

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Follow These Steps to Protect Your Home’s Foundation This Summer


How one would protect their home's foundation from hot and dry summer in Texas We live in Texas, and like many people in the southern states, we deal with heat and drought. Especially during the summer. While sometimes it might seem like you can do nothing to protect your home’s foundation from this problem, there are some things that one can do to try and cool down the surrounding earth. Ways one would protect their home's foundation from hot and dry summer in Texas. Add a waterproofing material to the soil around your home. Waterproofing materials are excellent at protecting [...]

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Tips to Prepare Your Home for Spring Flooding


Every year, the winter months bring with them a host of problems. The snow and ice create icy roads, slick sidewalks, and a messy daily commute. It's easy to stay inside during the frigid days and evenings when it isn't necessary to clear sidewalks or shovel every afternoon, but then when spring comes around, all that work will have been for nothing. Just as the winter months can create many problems, so can spring bring with it a multitude of problems if you're not prepared ahead of time. Here are some tips to prepare your home for spring flooding: 1. [...]

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Be Prepared for Spring Storms with These Simple Steps


Spring is a time to get out and enjoy the weather. However, if you are living in an apartment or condominium, do not forget about the safety of your building. If you live in a building with a pool, keep that in mind as well! In case of a spring storm, it will be important to have storm-proofing in place. The following are some simple steps to help protect you, your property and those around you from these storms: 1) Be Aware – What are the signs? Weather can change quickly when there's heavy snowfall or rain. When the moisture-laden [...]

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How You Can Protect Things Outside of Homeowners Insurance


Have you ever had a home insurance policy but never thing about protecting your stuff outside of your house? Well, this is a common problem. You may not even know it, but your home is also your property. And as soon as something happens to your home, your belongings are at risk. Therefore, it is so important to have homeowners’ insurance. If something happens to your home and you do not have insurance, the potential damage could amount to a lot of money. So, whether it is an accidental fire or something more serious, having homeowners’ insurance will keep you [...]

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What Does Flood Insurance Cover?


The first thing you need to know is what does flood insurance cover? Floods are the most common disaster in America and can cause lots of damage. Flood Insurance protects your home from water damage from “rising waters”. It also can include coverage for other property that may be damaged by floods, like property inside your home and/or garage. If you're not sure if you should buy it, I'll help answer some of the questions about why flooding happens and how much it costs to get covered! Flood insurance covers your house and property inside it. Flood insurance covers the [...]

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5 Things to Ask When Buying Homeowners Insurance


I am like most people when they buy their house. Owning a home forced me to think about homeowners’ insurance. I had plenty of questions about this insurance coverage. Getting satisfactory answers was important to me. I may have even more questions when I renew an existing homeowner’s insurance policy. An experienced agent has always been able to handle my questions. I've determined there are at least five questions you need to ask before purchasing a homeowners insurance policy. 1. What Is Liability Protection? I've learned that to have the correct amount of liability protection for your home, you will [...]

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